Christmas tree decorations

Every year we do a new Xmas range and especially so – the symbol of the new year! This year its in the form of a rat – the symbol of 2020. Exclusive designs, handmade. Inside is a magnet- so the talisman goes from your X-mas tree straight onto the fridge. You have a good luck charm through the year!
The symbol of 2020
Honeycomb ornaments. These are Volumetric Christmas tree decorations that are secured by a magnet. So when you want to pack them back- they become flat! Eco-series made from 100% recycled cotton
Gold collection of exquisite Christmas ornaments. Classic models that are handmade. Available in corporate color and in shapes and sizes as per requirements
Velvet decorations for the Christmas tree - a magnificent gift for discerning customers. Handmade. Corporate and branded sets are available
Christmas tree decorations made of jute for connoisseurs of simple and eco-friendly gift. Design, shapes and branding possible
Christmas decorations in sophisticated, subdued colors. Restrained shades with elegant embroidery. Possible branding with a tag