Promo gifts

Developing Companies often hold events, promotions, raffles, presentations. Developing souvenirs with the logo of the customer –is one of the effective marketing tools
Sleep masks are a popular accessory for high-grade sleep. We use quality materials, comfortable roller pads and tape with regulator. Customized design, branding
Hats/scarves - it's time to warm up. We have a big range of knitted hats and scarves. Different combinations and sets are possible
Socks is another great gift. We also make them as per client's branding requirements
Thermos - a universal gift to employees, customers, partners at any event. It will suit everyone in everyday life. Different sizes and branding available
Pocket mirrors are an indispensable and essential accessory for every woman. We develop these items as per branding and design requirements
Sunglasses are a stylish accessory for leisure and more. Branding and packaging can be customized
Umbrellas - a functional gift that attracts potential customers and constantly reminds them of your business through branding
Hair combs and brushes. We supply a wide range of one of the most necessary accessories. Made of natural wood, plastic. They come in various shapes and designs with possible branding
Napkin-cleaner for screens - a functional gift with a logo that is an effective branding tool. And extremely cost-effective
Key-chains are functional and mega popular souvenirs, especially during promos, presentations that will remind your clients of your brands
Bijouterie – hair bands, pendants, brooches and more . These nice little things will please everyone. Among the our range your clients will find their favorites. Branding and custom design are options
Cups are things of daily use. They are a common gift and a great promotional medium to promote your brand