Eco products

Eco gifts are not just trendy, but they are a necessity in our times. Wide range of useful gifts. We make them from recycled materials such as plastic bottles, cotton clothing and newspapers. The products are vibrant, authentic. Also a great way to show your CSR
Eco-plaids made of cotton are warm and comfortable. We make them from recycled cotton (up to 80%)
Eco-throws from recycled PET bottles. Yes – you heard that right! And these throws are extremely soft and lightweight. We make them from approximately 16-18 recycled plastic bottles
Pillow cases from recycled PET bottles. We use 8-9 recycled plastic bottles to make these pretty things!
Leather diaries business classics. Our come with a leather cover and luxurious handmade paper sheets inside. Available in different sizes, in corporate color and with branding
Cushion covers from recycled cotton. Different sizes and branding possible. Great way to give second life to our old garments!
Eco diaries with vintage style digital printing. Made from 100% recycled cotton. Individual design, size, branding possible. Vintage style printing for that extra charm
Photo Frames is a great eco-gift made from 100% recycled cotton. Manufactured in corporate color and with branding
Digital printed leather diaries. A digital image of your design is possible. Inside is handmade paper, there are replaceable blocks for longer life to the item!
Digital printed eco diaries. Made from 100% recycled cotton. Individual design, size, branding possible
Invitation and greeting cards. We do high quality envelopes and cards. Manufactured in corporate colors and with a logo. Invite and greet in style!
Stationery set - a sophisticated set of letter sheets and envelopes with. Recycled cotton paper can be plain or even with decorated with flower petals. And you can still use your printer on it, if your handwriting is as bad as ours!)
Eco calendars made from 100% recycled cotton. Branding and different formats are possible
Our eco-pencils made from recycled newspapers. We don't need to cut trees for them ! So go ahead- write with a clean conscience! Small logo may be applied
Velour pencils are eco-pencils made from recycled newspapers too. It has a nice, velour finish that can be in corporate color. Very very elegant !